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The Guelph Film Festival will take place November 13-16 2014

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The Festival of Moving Media has always been proud of its balance of grassroots action with international perspective, promoting community building, environmental and social justice issues, and championing the small stories that enrich our lives.

In 2013 we focused on films that addressed important and challenging topics while remaining anchored by personal stories that humanized the issues, the films demonstrated that acts of love, courage and acceptance are political and powerful.

Alongside our film lineup we have the ongoing Hidden Histories series, which focuses on local content. This past year we celebrated 105 years of cinematic history. Working with local historians and artists, we created a walking tour and two exhibitions, one at the Guelph Civic Museum and the other at the Ed Video Media Arts Centre.

The Festival of Moving Media is the only film festival in Guelph, and we are an integral part of the community. We offer many pay what you can and free events, workshops with directors, children’s programming, and strive to build new audiences through diverse venues and outreach.

One of the most important parts of the festival is our film hosts who lead discussions after the films. In 2013, we had many speakers from the community, including Guelph’s own World Champion strongman “6 Pack” Lapadat, as well as visiting directors Stephen Barnes (Pixar – Toronto), Marcia Connolly (Spring and Arnaud – Halifax), and Amy Miller (Carbon Rush – Montreal).

2014 promises to be a great year for the Festival of Moving Media. The focus will be on collaborations, both within the content of the films we choose and the relationships we build in the community. At the moment we have partnerships developed with five other festivals to create cross-promotional events, we are working with immigrant services to further develop their teen film series, and we are collaborating with the Ed Video Media Arts Centre to launch this year’s Hidden Histories project highlighting the best short films in the region. We are very proud of our mandate and the four days of films and workshops that make up our festival. This year we endeavor to look further afield for hidden treasures to diversify our programming. Be it documentaries or feature films, we bring new stories and ideas to the community, helping our small city feel connected to the world and each other.

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